Garden Roses

Known for their sweet fragrances and large blooms. They come in many different colors (and sizes for some varieties), and are characterized by their high petal count and bloom size. Garden roses are a beautiful choice for weddings, special events and as accents in everyday designs.

These wonderful blooms may arrive a little tight, but just sit back and watch as they perform the wonderful show nature intended. After just a few hours in the warm air of your home or office they will begin to open and reveal the numerous petals inside. After just a couple days, they will fully open putting on a magnificent show tucked away in your design and will last for up to a week.

If you receive an arrangement of garden roses, be sure to keep the vase full of water and in a couple of days, recut the stems and put back in tepid water (be sure to add floral preservative).

Deep Pink Garden Rose

When cutting your own Garden Roses, here are a few helpful tips:

  • Cut in late bud stage (just as they are beginning to open)
  • If possible, water the day before cutting (or cut the day after the rain.)
  • Cut in the cool of the morning or afternoon
  • Use very sharp shears/scissors
  • Cut at a 45 degree angle
  • Let roses drink water for a few hours in a bucket before putting in a vase.
  • Recut when you are ready to put in a vase
  • Use floral preservative if available
  • Be sure that no thorns or foliage are below the water line on your vase.
  • ENJOY!!

"Fuego" Garden Rose

"Juliet" Rose

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Flower Of The Week – Gerbera Daisy

Also referred to as African Daisy, these bright, beautiful and comes in various colors. Sometimes they have black centers and other times the centers are lighter.  From the sunflower family, the name origin is from a German, of the 18th century, Traugott Gerber. Sorry to those who believed it originated from “Gerber foods”.

It quickly became a popular flower (5th most popular) all around the world though originated and most commonly grown in South America, Africa and Asia.

A beautiful cut vase of gerberas can last for a week if properly cared for, watered daily and kept in a bright area.


As beautiful as a cut vase arrangement of Gerberas is, the Gerbera Daisy flourishes even longer when planted.  It is considered an annual for our local area, but when grown in warmer climates a perennial.  When planted outdoors you must be sure they are planted in a well drained soil that will receive full sun for part of the day. You should also fertilize once a month. Be sure to clip the dead blooms, in order to give the new blooms space to grow.

Gerberas are found to be very attractive to bees, butterflies and some birds, but one of the very few plants that are deer resistant.

When growing indoors they improve the air quality. They remove “trichloroethylene” (which is a chemical that you may bring home on your dry cleaning) and they filter another chemical called “benzene” (which comes with ink).

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Flower Of The Week – Succulents

Succulents are unique, beautiful, and available in lots of colors and so many different styles! Beautiful as a gift or for the DIY gardener! Collected by famous explorers as early as the fifteenth century, and found all over the world. America is known for the large cacti, and places such as China and Madagascar more known for having more low lying and colorful varieties.

Different types of succulents are still being discovered today. There is such a vast number of varieties and they come from all over the world.

Photo from

Photo from

Some are small, very near the ground. Others are tree like in size. What you plant depends on the effect you are trying to display.

Contrary to popular belief succulents can do well in cooler weather.  They collect moisture in their thick skin during the wet season to store for use in the more arid periods.

Some thrive in hot sun and some prefer shade. Others like dry humidity and warm conditions, such as in the home during the warmer months. And though they like bright light in most cases they can quickly adapt to less light.

Succulent Outside

Photo from

Many succulents will survive outdoors during the summer months.

When you get started on creating your own garden it is helpful to know the following:

  • When your particular type of succulents rainy and dry seasons are.
  • Type of soil they are grown in.
  • Preference for temperature and light are paramount as far as where you plan to plant or grow them.

Succulents require more watering in the summer months (allow the soil to dry between watering). During the winter months, water about once a month (unless in extremely dry conditions).

Beautiful rich colors… and the beauty of it all … is that even a BLACK thumb can be successful with a succulent garden!!

Makes a great gift!

Succulent gardens make great gifts!

Flower Of The Week – Mokara Orchid

Origin: Asia – Created in Singapore in 1969.

Botanical name: X Mokara

Availability: Year Round

Beautiful, exotic and available in a wide variety of colors including, red, gold, purple, blue, pink, orange and yellow.

Flowers are star like in appearance, they grow in clusters, and growth begins at the tips. They are thick rooted as plants, but the flowers are delicate. They are long lasting and grow in clusters.

They were collected in abundance in the 19th century by groups called “Orchid Hunters”. The “X” in its botanical name is a symbol that it is a cross between 2 genera (certain attributes of more than one type of Orchid). The First Hybrid Mokara was named after C.Y Mok of Singapore; it was called “Mokara Wai Liang” and had a very unique shape.

As a cut flower, when properly cared for they can last for 2 to 3 weeks. It is to be recut under water and put in a flower food solution. When caring for the Mokara, whether plant or flowers it is imperative that you are careful not to damage the pollen cap as this will cause the beginning of a rapid wilting process.


Mokara Melody (

You can beautify your home by growing the Mokara Orchids as well. It is fast and easy. Most important is your selection of the plant, you need to be sure root is thick and green (healthy), no signs of wilting. Because the Orchids have a tendency to be heavy headed it’s important to plant so that you can put river rocks around (and perhaps under) it for balancing purposes.

A delightful venture for retirees, the weekend gardener or just because you are a lover of exotic beaty!

Flower Of The Week – Peony

Fragrant and beautiful. The peony is a native flower of Asia, Southern Europe and Western North America. Available locally during the spring and early summer. Peonies have many different varieties and colors. They are remembered most for the soft fragrance, the manner in which it opens and their size. Most people believe that the ants that seem to cover the buds are helping the flower bloom, this is a common myth, the ants are attracted to a sweet nectar that the buds produce. Read more here 

We generally have peonies locally in time for Mother’s day and for a few weeks after. This year however, they are late blooming with the crazy weather we’ve been having causing the delay. The local peonies are finally starting to burst open, and they are everywhere. Be on the lookout for these fragrant beauties while your out and about.


Photo Courtesy of

If you’re not familiar with the Peony, it’s not to late to take this wonderful opportunity to experience them for yourself! You won’t be disappointed.

Perfect Peonies

Perfect Peonies
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Flower Of The Week – Corsages and Boutonnières

This week we’re changing up our “Flower Of The Week” a little to introduce our new line of corsages and boutonnieres.

We are so excited to be introducing the newest addition to our corsage line. We now offer beautiful fashion bracelets to accent your corsage as well as a large assortment of jeweled accents, rhinestones, pearl sprays, glitzy ribbon and even feather accents.

You’ve selected the perfect dress now let us help you create a glamours corsage! There are so many flowers to choose from, so call us and consult with our expert design staff to make your corsage a one of a kind dream come true. Do you want your corsage to be hip, funky, different or just plain you? Email us a photo of the dress ( and we will contact you with custom ideas just for your special night. Want to see some recent corsages we’ve made? Check out our new Prom page, dedicated to showcasing our custom creations!

Photo Apr 10, 3 07 34 PM

Flower Of The Week – Lilac

Lilac is a favorite of the designers here at Bell Flowers. It’s a spring blooming shrub that adds a wonderful fragrance to fresh cut flower arrangements. There are about 20-25 varieties, that bloom throughout the spring. Colors range from the most popular purple or “Lilac” to white, dark purple, blue and light pink. The shrubs can grow to over twenty feet tall and require very little care. As a cut flower, Lilac are just like any other bloom. They need a drink of fresh warm water right after cutting and then a fresh trimming every few days, in order to allow the flower to drink. With the right care these beautiful blooms will emit an intoxicating fragrance for up to three weeks. We just got our first shipment of lilac from California last week, and expect to have it each week though the middle of May.

Fun fact, Lilac is the state flower of New Hampshire!


(Photo from

Photo Apr 09, 11 13 59 AM

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